Sunday’s Virtual Maranatha Class Session on ZOOM

Maranatha Class

As previously communicated, Maranatha will be hosting its first-ever video conference class on Sunday, April 5 from 10:15am to 10:45am. You should have previously received a message outlining our plans to use the Zoom teleconferencing tool and the various practice sessions that class members have been hosting this week. Please make an effort to attend at least one practice session before April 5. You’ll find connection details for our first meeting at the end of this message.

At the outset, we are keeping the Agenda simple. As we get better at this, we may expand it, but our current plans are to limit these check-ins to 30 minutes. You’ll find a few ground rules below for these meetings and the etiquette we’ll all need to observe to make this work. Apologies in advance if you find any of these severe, but we feel it’s best to clamp down early and evaluate how/if to relax these going forward.

Ground Rules

  • All members of the same household should connect on a single device. This will avoid feedback and cross talk that can make it difficult for others to hear.
  • Please turn off or mute all devices you are not using for the call.
  • Please secure all pets, noisome children (or noisome adults) before the call. If they aren’t participating in the call, they will distract from the call.
  • Each of you will be muted when you join. In the practice sessions, you should have learned how to “raise” your hand using the software. Should you raise your hand, the meeting host will call on you and unmute you. Once you have spoken, you will again be muted.
  • Please limit discussion to Class and Church business. The Sunday calls are not for technical support, so please keep technical questions to a minimum.
  • At present, Zoom is overwhelmed with people trying to do voice-only connections, so a smartphone, tabled or computer will be required for access. We’ll continue to monitor this and hopefully get this opened up for phone users as quickly as possible.
  • If you experience technical issues during the meeting, please just make a note of what you are experiencing and let Ed Payton and Roger Rowe know of your challenges later – we won’t disrupt the meeting to provide one-on-one technical support.


For our first meeting, our agenda will be as follows:

  • Welcome and Review of Ground Rules – Meeting Host (Ed Payton)
  • Opening Prayer (Michael Dishman – then Rotates Weekly)
  • Church and Class Announcements – Michael Dishman
  • Caranatha Update – Carol Maus
  • Missions Update – Sharon Chucoski
  • Joys and Concerns – All, time permitting. We will cut this off at 10:40.
  • Closing Prayer – Host (Ed Payton)

Expect the first meeting to be rocky – we’ll get better as we go.

Connection Details

Host: Ed Payton


Thank you. See you Sunday!


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