Update on Mark Rounds

An update from Mark and Anita.


—- Forwarded message —

Mark had his fifth and final sugery thursday. The damage to his wrist
was extensive and he will need a lot of rehab. The pain should be less
now that the plates and screws are in place and the external fixator
was removed. We want to thank you for all your thoughts, prayers, and
cards during this difficult time. Your concern has been comforting.
Love to all,
Mark & Anita

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Prayer for Mark Rounds

Please keep Mark and Anita in your prayers


———- Forwarded message ———-
Date: Sat, Jul 2, 2011 at 10:47 AM

Maranatha Friends,
Mark suffered a six foot fall from a ladder last Sunday evening while trimming a tree in our back yard. He has a compound fracture of the left wrist with dislocation. From the Claremore ER they transported him by ambulance to St John where he was taken to surgery that night. Due to the bone being exposed they were not able to apply internal hardware to secure and instead an external device was applied after debridement/cleaning and IV antibiotics. After a two day stay in the hospital he was sent home, was seen by a hand surgeon, and had surgery(debridement/IV Ab) again thursday and friday at St John BA. Now at home he is awaiting hopefully the final surgery on thursday of next week. The main concern is infection and pain control. Please keep him in your prayers.
Thank you, Anita Rounds

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