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William – it has been a busy week and I am a bit slow in getting back to thank the class for its hospitality to Dr. Ruben Mamani, our office manager and mission coordinator in La Paz, Bolivia for Engineers in Action.  If you could distribute this with your weekly newsletter about class activity this it would be appreciated.  A couple of folks asked for a link to the EIA web site.

The base site is –

If you want to understand best what we do, I suggest you read some of the intern testimonials at –

If you would like to correspond directly with Dr. Mamani, his email address is –
Dr. Ruben Mamani <ruben775(at)>

Again thanks for your interest and support.  We will have a couple of our other engineers in Oklahoma October 20 to October 30 and will available to make presentations to interested groups after the 26th. If you are aware of any connections that we can make for projects or funding, we would welcome any input.  As I indicated in our brief presentation, we have found a significant model and have been very successful, but the ability to grow and meet the need is limited only by the ability to fund additional engineers.  Our growth from an initial budget of only $10,000 for year one to $250,000 in 4 years has been fantastic and has met many needs, but sadly many children and families continue to need our help.

Lastly, don’t let our name scare you away if you have an interest in helping.  Our work runs so closely tied to the Oklahoma Bolivian Mission and you do not need to be an engineer to become involved.  We have many non-engineering members or supporters.

Steve Jacoby

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