Proposed Maranatha 2011 Donations

The items listed will be up for discussion on Sunday, 13 March.

William Meyer

———- Forwarded message ———-
From Sharon Earley

Dear Maranatha Class Members,

Your donations committee has been hard at work.  We solicited donation requests and ideas, met to discuss those items and prepared the following proposal for your consideration.  We took care to stay within the donation guidelines previously drafted in 2003 which focus, first, on the needs of our Church and its outreach missions and ministries and, secondly, on others in need.

An Excel spreadsheet* is available for download here (Maranatha donations 2011) which summarizes the proposal by category.  Additional information is provided in the narrative below.  Please take a moment to review this information and bring any questions you may have to Sunday School this Sunday, March 13.  We will address your questions, make any necessary modifications and vote on the proposal.

Maranatha 2011 Donations

Within Boston Avenue:

Chapel Choir tour  – $800
This is a less expensive, close to home trip, but an extra bus will need to be chartered due to the size of the choir.

Children’s Camp Scholarships – $750
Cost of all camps has risen this year. B.A. tries to pay half tuition for one camp of each child’s choice. EvaMarie has 8-12 Boston Avenue families who need full tuition in order for their children to be able to participate.

Little Disciples Library – $200
Money will purchase books and needed supplies for the children’s library.

Advent Workshop – $400
This would cover supply and food expenses not covered by the Holly Rose Endowment Fund. We will also discuss the option of adding to that endowment.

Middle School computer lab – $500
Debbie needs 3 computers and some software for the youth to use on the third floor. We think 2 computers may be donated.

Senior High furniture – $1400
This will go for group seating in an extra classroom and computer chairs for the fourth floor.

Seminary scholarship – $500
Maranatha’s own Ben Pascoe has received a nice scholarship to Perkins but still needs help with textbooks.

Quilting for Others – $300
This Boston Avenue group gives their time to make quilts for people in need; they just need help to purchase materials.

Boston Avenue Outreach Ministries:

Burroughs Elementary School – $300
These monies would provide special meals for the teachers, supplies for the students and teachers, uniform items, copy paper and any other requests

Boy Scout Troop 20 – $300
Money will be used for scholarships for the boys to attend events and camping equipment.

United Methodist Circle of Care – $500
COC has a great ministry to Oklahoma children who need nurture and care.

New Day Camp – $1250
This would provide 5 scholarships for children of incarcerated parents to attend. Camp helps them feel loved, learn to deal with their situation.

Exodus House – $500
This money will help restock our Apartment M for a new tenant.

Day Center for the Homeless – $300
Helps provide food and shelter.

Meals on Wheels – $300
Helps keep meals affordable for people who cannot get out and need this assistance.

Neighbor for Neighbor – $300
Neighbor for Neighbor offers ten basic programs that assist the uninsured, low income, unemployed, seniors, handicapped and the impoverished.

Good Samaritan Fund – $300
This fund helps people who come in asking for help. No cash is given, but we help purchase food, gas, pay rent, etc. Those being helped include Boston Avenue families.

Bolivia Medical Clinic – Backpacks and ponchos for nurses – $500
We have a covenant relationship with Bolivia UMC. Nurses ride bicycles to their various clinics and the backpacks and rain ponchos would help them carry their supplies with them.

Other Ministries:

Clarehouse – $300
This ministry helps people who are dying, and their families, through those last days – often at no charge.

Car Care Ministry – $300
This ministry repairs cars for people who can’t otherwise afford it. Clients pay for parts and this ministry provides labor.

* You will need the newest version of Microsoft Excel or comparable software to open this .xlsx file.

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