Four Messages

(1) My sobriety, and recovery in the guidance from God

Dear Maranatha Class,

I wanted to take the time to thank you all for the love and support of each and everyone. I am doing well, I am currently living at the Mission…aka The homeless shelter, It was a god sent that there was a bed available. I am enjoying my sobriety and recovery. A bed at the sober living has opened up, so I’m attempting to find work so that I can financially afford to be a resident of that facility. I do feel that the sober living would be the best place for me because I will still have the structure I need. This will run me 100$ a week. So, I’m currently looking for full time work. I have picked up some side work, making about 250.00 a moth while I look for other means of income. The place that I am currently at will not allow my children the ability to spend time with me. So, in my inquire about the sober living the children will be able to stay the night on
occasion and also spend time with me whenever they would like. This is a goal of mine that I hope to accomplish soon. I am attending one to two meeting a day, through NA and AA. I also am attending NA group functions. These meetings are an asset to my recovery. Please keep me and my children in your prayers and hope for the re-unification soon.
If we still cling to something we will not let go, we ask god to help us be willing….

Again thank you for the love and support:)

God Bless

Bethany Willyard ..

Kyla, Krysten and Logan.

Please share this with the class thank you.

(2) College Graduates

A message from Shari Goodwin —

Hi, William,

I am working on next weeks issue of The Word, which will include information about all church members who have earned college degrees since last June.

Since so many of our Maranatha children are graduating, would you please ask everyone in our class to let me know if they have someone in the family who has received a college degree this year (if they haven’t already called or emailed me). They can call me (918-699-0132) or email sharigoodwin(at) and leave the name, college attended and degree earned. Don’t want to leave anyone out!

Thanks so much –
Shari Goodwin

(3) Friend in need

A request by Mary Elliott —

I have a friend that is needing a place to live.  They thought they had something lined up and it fell through at the last minute.  They have dogs and would like to keep them if at all possible.  They need to move in less than three weeks!  Does anyone have any ideas?

(4) Reenactment Ceremony, Floral Haven, Memorial Day

Reenactment of Changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown

Memorial Day at Floral Haven

Here is a follow up to Jim Embrey’s announcement on Sunday.


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