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Hey, friends:

So sorry that the newsletter was delayed this week. It was another week in which my clients needed my undivided attention, so they got it.

I hope you enjoyed our time with Rabbi Sherman as much as I did. The attendance was terrific and his lesson, as always, was instructive and insightful. He is an amazing teacher.

A couple of things of note:

***Our class is serving a mission dinner this Sunday so if you signed up to help, please check with Glenna Arnott or Jim Embrey for details.

***Next week is our Memorial Day Brunch that we are doing jointly with the Horizon’s Class in our classroom. Everyone had such a great time last year with Dave & Melanie Shepherd’s Bluegrass Concert with the Horizon’s Class and talked about how great it was to get to listen to the music and visit with wonderful people from other classes whom we usually rush right past as we hurry to worship. We took that idea to heart and have scheduled three holiday brunches this year with other classes (all in our classroom) so that we can enjoy the company of not just our own members, but also our friends from other classes. This brunch is first, and will be followed by the Labor Day Brunch with Living The Questions Class and Thanksgiving Brunch with Disciples Class. We’ll host them and provide all the paper products; then everyone just needs to bring their favorite brunch dish to share. It should be fun, flavorful, festive and filled with fellowship!

***Sunday is my birthday. As my present, Jim gave me a ticket to Connecticut to go see Larkin, so all of you will need to take care of Jim for me. Have a wonderful class!

Have a great week and remember that you are appreciated, enjoyed and admired by your class members.

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