Maranatha, January 24, 2010

“Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.”
Mother Teresa

A classroom filled with Maranatha members and visitors; it was a great Sunday! Thanks to all who were there earlier today. We missed all those who were unable to attend; see you soon!

We celebrated several birthdays, including those of Thad Leonard (1/25), Rob Morgan (1/26), Judy Herriman (1/28), Brenda Spencer (1/29), Sarah Maldonado (1/30), and Susan Rose (1/30). No anniversaries were noted for the week. Karen and Olin Holmes, Nancy and Jerry Manduano were our Greeters, and they brought great refreshments, making it difficult to get people away from the table and in their seats.

We were blessed by the presence of several visitors, some new and others returning to the class: Patti and Gary Smith, Autumn Smith, and Catherine Cooper. Welcome; we hope to see you back again in the near future.

Suzy Meredith-Orr reported that a number of class members helped put together kits for Haitians that included hand towels, wash cloth, combs, nail file, bandages, toothbrush, and toothpaste. Over 50 kits were assembled by the volunteers last Friday evening; and, a number of other class members assembled kits at home, bringing them to the Church this morning. A job well done!

Suzy also announced that we will have another mission opportunity this Wednesday evening to prepare and serve a meal at the Day Center for the Homeless. Over a dozen people have agreed to help, but you are welcome to contact Suzy if you wish to volunteer even if you haven’t already signed up for this opportunity.

Pam Sherman reminded us that the next social event is a Valentine’s Dinner at Ti Amo on Friday, February 12th; contact Pam if you are interested and have not already signed up for this activity.

Several concerns were shared with us this morning, including a friend of Pam whose had a recurrence of a brain tumor, the father of Meredith’s work associate who is not responding to treatment following heart surgery, and for Richard, a recently released offender who, after serving many years in prison, faces the challenge of readjusting to the world outside. Janet Purinton offered our prayer today.

We were blessed by the teaching of Darlene Tegeler who reviewed a book by Reverend Dr. James Moore, entitled “Seize the Moment”. Her presentation gave us much to think about and act on for how we behave and respond to “moments” in our life, both big and small, in which we can practice our faith. “Seize the Moment”, perhaps a motto for us, individually and as a class!

There were several announcements that did not make it into the agenda this morning:
· The “New Life Divorce Support Group”, an 8 week group for those who are separated, divorced, or going through divorce, will be facilitated by Linda Algeria, LCSW, beginning February 3, Wednesday, 6pm to 7:30pm. A fee of $40 will cover all 8 weeks. Call Linda at 970-6765 to enroll in the group.
· As pointed out by Dr. Biggs in the Church’s service, members of the Frontiers Class will facilitate a series of lessons on “Financial Peace” using the material created by Dave Ramsey and his Financial Peace University. Interested? Contact Reverend Bill Crowell, 699-0127.
· We received a “thank you” and an accounting for the Class’ $100 donation to Restore Hope Ministries.

Next week is our Brunch, an informal pot-luck gathering of members and visitors largely for the purpose of informal conversation. A brief presentation will be provided by Barbara Meehan who has been developing our new Class website. She will explain the site’s capacity, how to use it, and give us a live demonstration. It’s great, a one-stop, Internet-based vehicle to discover Maranatha news, events, and opportunities to serve!

We hope to have Rob Reck, a fellow Class member, give us a report on his exciting trip to London during our session on the first Sunday in February. Definitely something to look forward to!!

Have a wonderful week; “seize the moment”!

Richard Wansley and Meredith Davison

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Maranatha, January 17, 2010

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’”
Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dear Friends,

We had yet another great class earlier today, with many of our class members able to attend.  For those of you who could not be present with us, we missed you, and hope to see you soon in class!

We acknowledged several people who will be having birthdays this week, including Martha Blevins (January 21st), Joyce Justice (January 21st), and Pam Snodgrass (January 22nd); the Jennings, Teri and Mark, will celebrate an anniversary (January 18th).  Happy Birthday and Anniversary to you!

Our Greeters who also provided refreshments were Skip and Paula Scott as well as Allene and Rex Donley.  Thank you!

We had some visitors, Amanda and Matt DeDonder, Patti and Gary Smith, and Meriel P. Evans.  Welcome, come again, join our class!

Bob Russell and Meredith Davison Wansley reported on the Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemorative events being held today and tomorrow (Monday).  Boston Avenue Church is a main sponsor of these events, and Bob is a member of the MLK Board of Directors.  Later today, a march will be held leading from downtown to Boston Avenue Church where a worship service will be held for all who attend the march as well as others wishing only to attend the service.  Bob, Meredith, and many other Maranatha class members will participate in these events.

Denny Meredith-Orr reported on an opportunity for class members to help with the relief effort for the those in Haiti.  The class will sponsor purchase of supplies to package for the United Methodist Commission on Relief (UMCOR) to distribute to needy Haitians.  Further, we will also be putting the package together at some point in the next week.  The supplies are simple, but essential, items such as toothbrushes, wash clothes, bandages, and other items.  Allene Donley stepped up by offering to provide the toothbrushes.  We’ll be putting together about 50 packages.  Denny will contact you about the time and date for when and where you can come to help out with this effort.  If you wish to contact him or Suzy, please use the following E-mail: odms2(at)

Pam Sherman reminded us that the February social will be a Valentine’s Dinner held at Tia Amo, the restaurant’s Southside location, February 12th.  Contact Pam if you are interested in more information or signing up: psherman(at)  Please remember that this is an “everybody” event, not just a “couples” event;  you’re all “sweethearts”!!

Several class members expressed concerns, for David and his son Eddie, the family of Jerry who died earlier this week, Karl, the employees of the City who face layoffs and furloughs, and Dee Copeland.  Please let Karen Campbell or Barbara Meehan know if you have concerns that should be shared to the class before next Sunday or if you feel there is a need for “care”.  Our class prayer was given by Scott Morgan.

The Reverend Ken Tobler was our teacher today, and we were blessed by his continued presentation to us regarding the unique way that Jesus told his stories as lessons for our faith and life.  Next week, our teacher will be the Reverend Debbie Peterson, followed on January 31st by a Brunch where we will hear about our class’s new website.

Blessings to all,

Richard Wansley and Meredith Davison

*Note that you will need to type email addresses into an email program substituting “@” for “(at).” I have edited email addresses so that recipients will not pick up additional spam from autobots that might be searching our posts. Also, for contact information, you can find our newest roster on the Class Member Page. -brm

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