Class News for January 15, 2012

This is a belated post to the blog from the 1/15/12 email by Denny Meredity-Orr


Here’s the news from Maranatha Class this week . . .

I introduced Suzy and myself, since we had forgotten to do so last week.  I also offered that Meredith-Orr comes from the combining of our names after we weret married – we had formerly been Suzy Meredith and Denny Orr.

Jim and Julie Allen and Susan and David Rose – Thank you!

Valerie Carpenter and Stewart Maus were guests in class this morning

Birthdays (No Anniversaries this coming week)
David Worthington – Jan. 16
Joyce Justice – Jan. 21
Martha Blevins – Jan. 21

~ Debbie Morgan cleaned the closets in the class room last week and moved several items to the table at the front of the room.  The items need to be claimed or they will be donated.
~There is still an opportunity to place an ad in the upcoming BA Directory.
~Work Area On Missions is sponsoring a canned food drive in January for the NE Oklahoma Food Bank- donations can be left in Bishops Hall
~ The January Social Event –  Friday, January 20 at 6:30pm January Social – a Pot-luck Dinner and Texas Hold’em night in the Maranatha Class room.  It will also benefit the Food Bank – “Poker chips” for the evening’s activities will be “purchased” by bringing canned food items.
~ Paul Loyd announced that he and Barbara were collecting book suitable for first time readers and text books of any kind and level for children in Malawi. He asked that people bring them to class next week.
~ Bob Russell reminded us that the Martin Luther King, Jr. celebration would be taking place in the Church this evening (Jan. 15) at 6pm. He also mentioned the MLK, Jr. parade on Monday (Jan. 16) at 11am
~ Pam Lowe had 2012 Maranatha Class Rosters available.  They will also be sent in electronic format as that becomes available.

Joys and Concerns
~ Pam Sherman shared that Ann Sherman was to be back in church this morning and would be celebrating her 89th birthday.  She also asked for our prayers as she begins teaching the HS class for the next 6 weeks – topic World Religions
~ John Sherman asked for Prayers for his cousin who has cancer of the Gall Bladder
~ Carol Grim asked for Prayers for her son-in-law who has been out of work for sometime and now has a good prospect coming up
~ David Rose asked for Prayers for his nephew who has been diagnosed with possible brain cancer
~ Sharon Bookout asked for Prayers for her son, Nathaniel, who is starting school without a working vehicle
~ Barbara Loyd asked for Prayers for one of the Docents at the Philbrook who is having health issue
~ James Kilman asked for Prayers for his Step-Mother, Anell Kilman who is battling cancer
~  Pam Sherman asked for Prayers for Barbara in her office who will probably be losing her job after running a red light in a city vehicle last week and being hit by another car
~ Jim Embrey asked for Prayers for Tom Garrett, a fellow military member, who has MS and is in very critical condition ans slipping away

Judith Payton offered a beautiful prayer for the class

Sue Venable was the Guest Speaker this morning.  She spoke to us about King James and his life and times.  Next week she will focus on how King James created his Bible. A recording of her talk will be available on the Maranatha Class website.

Next Week
Hosts  – The Embreys and The Martins
Speaker – Sue Venerable will be with us again, speaking about how King James came to create his Bible

See you next week . . . Denny

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Maranatha Class News from January 8, 2012

Suzy and I are excited to finally begin this year serving you all as Class Presidents! It is a warm and comforting feeling to look out and see so many familiar and supportive faces in Class this morning. With your help, we’ll work out the kinks and have things flowing smoothly in a short time.

Suzy opened the Class with a prayer.

Debbie and Scott Morgan and Debbie and Neal Pascoe – Thank you!

Special Presentation
We presented William Meyer with a Bible Dictionary as a token of thanks and gratitude from the class for his leadership and decision to step in and facilitate the class when no one else was prepared to do so. We admire his courage and conviction in taking on such a role. There was also a thank you gift for Michelle Place for her service as Curriculum Coordinator for 2011. It will be presented to her at a later date.

Will Haskell was our only guest in class this morning

Birthdays (No Anniversaries this coming week)
Gary Smith – Jan. 8
Joel Panciera – Jan 9
David Rose – Jan 12

~There is an opportunity to place an ad in the upcoming BA Directory. A sheet was passed around for people to sign-up
~There is a canned food drive taking place in January – donations can be left in Bishops Hall – donations will go to the Food Bank
~ The January Social Event – Friday, January 20 at 6:30pm January Social – a Pot-luck Dinner and Texas Hold’em night in the Maranatha Class room. It will also benefit the Food Bank – Poker chips for the evening’s activities will be “purchased” by bringing canned food items.

Joys and Concerns
~ John Sherman’s Mother is improved and has been moved to Methodist Manor
~ Patty Harrison has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer – prayers are asked on her behalf
~ Bill Thomas expressed deep appreciation on behalf of himself and his brother and their families, for the outpouring of concern and support after the recent death of their father just before Christmas

I announced that there would be forms available at the check-in desk for people to share Joys and Concerns in writing. This will enable us to make sure we have the correct information for the Class News. It is not necessary to complete the forms, they are just being provided if needed.

Richard Wansley lead us in a thoughtful prayer

Ron Marsh was the Guest Speaker this morning. His topic was a discussion of the life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. A recording of his talk will be available on the Maranatha Class website. Barbara Meehan indicated she would post the PowerPoint of the presentation to the site when it is available.
Next Week
Hosts – the Allen’s and the Rose’s
Speaker – Sue Venerable will speak on King James and his Bible

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Sunday 1 January 2012

Thank you to all who brought food for our New Years Brunch.

Thank you to Suzy Meredith-Orr and Debbie Morgan for supplying the yellow tablecloths.

Thank you to Rev Paul Staat for and wonderful prayer.

January Birthdays:
2 Jim Seymour
3 Jim Griffin

January Anniversaries:
7 Doug and Joyce Justice


We still need people for Greeters and Refreshments in 2012
Sunday 29 Feb 2012 is open.

Sunday 8 January Our speaker will be Ron Marsh, Subject – Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Greeters and Refreshments for 8 January
Set Up:  Pascoes
Clean Up: Scott and Debbie Morgan

Friday  20 January at 6:30PM in the Maranatha Room is Potluck and Texas Hold em

Bluegrass and Chili Supper is 9 June 2012 at 6:30PM

Tulsa Day Center
Open 2012 dinner Dates:
January 9th and 18
May 1th, 29th and 31st
June 15th and 30th
July 9th and 18th
August 15th and 17th
September 29th
October 17th
November 14th
Please contact Debra Dester 918-556-6418 or ddester(at)
Weekly Volunteers
Clinic Receptionist- every other Monday 8:45AM to 11:30AM
Front Desk Assistants:
Mondays – or afternoons 12 to 4
Tuesdays – mornings 9 to 12, afternoons 1 to 4
Thursdays – afternoons 1 to 4
Fridays – afternoons 1 to 4
Saturdays – mornings 7:30 to 12
Volunteer Coordinator Support – days and hours are flexible
Community Voice Mail Project Manager Support – days and hours are flexible
Donations may be made to Tulsa Day Center 415 W Archer any date between 7:30AM and 7:30PM.

Boston Avenue United Methodist Church and John Burroughs Elementary School Partner’s In Education since 1999.
Burroughs Elementary  1924 North Cincinnati Ave Tulsa OK. Student population is approximately 363 with the school at 99% poverty.
In 2007, was name the Title 1 Distinguished School. This school year Burroughs has added 6th Grade and ED class.
Ways you can support Burroughs Elementary:
1. Be a  mentor through the Big Brother and Big Sisters School Based Program
2. Pick an apple from the Apple Tree and fill the request.
3. Provide funding for special projects through our Boston Avenue and Burroughs Together Account
4. Provide any of the following items:
Ongoing Needs of Burroughs Elementary
Copy Paper, Kleenex, Hand Sanitizers, Box tops for Education, child size socks, Gloves, Belts, Laundry Detergent, Dish Soap, Children’s games and puzzles, Prize items for Incentive Store, Children’s uniform pants and shirts:  Khakis or Navy Pants, Red, Yellow or White collared shirts (in size extra small, 3T, 4T, 5T)
Upcoming Events:
Mid Year School Supply Drive – January 2012
Snacks for Spring Testing – April 2012
Test Monitors – April 2012
Teachers Appreciation – May 2012
For more information please contact:  Reverend Eva Marie Campbell, 918-699-0120 evamariecampbell(at)  or Principal Michell Cullom,  918-833-8780  cullomi(at)

Tuesday January 10 2012 7PM at Christ The King Church 16th Street and South Rockford Avenue.
Tulsa Children’s Chorus extends our gratitude to you because your generosity has kept us singing for 20 years.
We invite you to be our special guest at our 20th Anniversary Winter Concert.

Joys and Concerns
Terri Niblack
Paula Scott
Bethany Willyard
Jim Embrey
Ann Sherman

It has been a great year. I hope 2012 will be even better.
I hope to see all on Sunday