Sunday 3 July 2011

What a wonderful presentation given by Ken Tobler on the Lord’s prayer. We look forward to Ken Tobler’s presentation Sunday 10 July.
Thank you to Scott Morgan for a wonderful prayer.
Thank you to those who greeted and refreshed us:
Ray & Sharon Earley
Mick & Carol Maus

Carol Tobler

July Birthdays:
8 Patti Barnes

July Anniversaries:
7 Jim & Sherry Stinson
8 Patrick & Mary Barnes
8 Dave & Carol Grim
9 Gary & Patti Smith

Our speaker for Sunday 10 July is Ken Tobler

Greeter and Refreshments for Sunday 10 July:
Set Up: Michael Lane
Clean Up: Steve & Debbie Jacoby

We still need people to Greet and Refresh. If interested, please contact Beverly North.

We are needing people to pray during August and September. If interested please contact Sharon Early.

Congratulations to Richard Wansley, Shari Goodwin and others who helped with a successful Vacation Bible School at Boston Avenue.

23 July at Fair Meadows is our Box Supper. The ladies will make to Box Suppers and the men will bid on those suppers. The highest bidder gets to eat with the ladies. If interested please contact Skip and Paula Scott, space is available.

Prayers and Concerns
Paul Staat – Test looked good
Mary – Cancer
Judy Herriman
Robert – Heart attack
Kenneth Culver – Passed away
Bethany Willyard – Bethany is stay at a Women’s Clean and Sober House
and working at a Hilton Hotel
Bob and Lynn Russell – Traveling
Maranatha members
Mark and Anita Rounds

Have a Happy 4th of July

William Meyer

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Sunday 26 June 2011

Thank you to Judy Rowell for a wonderful presentation on Conquering Fear. I hope each of us was able to glean something from what Judy said.
Thank you to Jim Embrey for a wonderful prayer.
Thank you to those who Greeted and Refreshed us:
Set up: Jim & Julie Embrey
Clean up: Karey & Pam low

Our visitor Julie is welcome back anytime. We are glad she came.

June Birthdays:
26 William Meyer
29 Roger Rowe

July Birthdays:
1st Sue Madden

June Anniversaries:
28 Lynn & Shari Goodwin
30 Alan & Jane Smith

We still need people to sign up to Greet and Refresh for July, August and September. Please contact Beverley North

If  you feel led to lead the class in prayer, we have plenty of slots for July, August and September. Please contact Sharon Earley.

Thursday 30 June at 8:30AM Jim Embrey will lead a team to remove carpet at Staat’s house. Address: 4917 S Madison Ave Tulsa OK
For those wishing to help please contact Jim Embrey:  iisembrey(at) .

Monday 27 June 4P to 7P in the Parlor at Boston Avenue: Retirement party for Susan Morgan.

Sunday 3 July:  July Revival Begins

Sunday 3 July and Sunday 10 July Our speaker will be Ken Tobler. The topic will be Prayer.

Our Greeters and Refreshments for Sunday 3 July:
Set up  Ray & Sharon Earley
Clean up: Mick & Carol Maus

Saturday 23 July at 5PM I was thinking about a class outing and I wanted to get some feedback on whom might be interested.  The idea is “An Evening at the Races Box Supper”.  We could go to the Fair Meadows Race Track on a saturday evening and the Ladies could prepare a Box Supper for 2.  The Boxes could be auctioned off to the highest bidder. Then the winner and the Ladies that prepared the supper could dine together. (what a way to get to know someone).  The proceeds I thought could go to the Paul Staat family. If you would like to attend Please contact Skip and Paula Scott. sscott(at) or pscott511(at)

Joys and Concerns
Don – Heart
Jennifer Hall’s Son – Burns
Arlene – Cancer
Margie – Heart
Paul Staat
Bethany Willyard
Pam Low – Family
Christi Luk – Traveling
Bob and Lynn Russell – Traveling

Stay cool and have a great week.
I hope to see all during July Revival.

William Meyer

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Upcoming Teachers

A glimpse into the future.


— On Wed, 6/8/11, Michelle Place wrote:

06/12/11 James Kilman

06/19/11 Judy Rowell — Conquering Fear

06/26/11 Judy Rowell — Conquering Fear

07/03/11 Ken Tobler — Prayer

07/10/11 Ken Tobler — Prayer

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Sunday 20 February 2011

From Michelle:

Feb 27 – Retired United Methodist Minister, Rev. Ken Tobler will be speaking on “Good Friday, It’s Important.”
March 6 – Brantley Tillery of St. Luke’s Redemption Church and Exodus House
March 13 – Class Business, class funds disbursement approval, and get to know your classmates (free visit time)
March 20 & 27 – Retired United Methodist Minister, Dr. Howard Plowman will be speaking on “My Favorite Scriptures”

Dr. Plowman has asked that we provide him with our favorite scriptures before he arrives.  He will select and then address as many scriptures as time allows.  Maranatha members may either fill out a slip of paper, which will be available at the check in table, or email them to me at mplacetul(at) (substitute an “@” for “(at)”).

Have a good week,
Michelle Place

From William:

Thank you to all who came Sunday and enjoyed a wonderful presentation by Boston Avenue Youth. What a wonderful ministry our youth provide to those in need.

Thank you to Pam Sherman for keeping the class minutes.
Thank you to Art and Karen Campbell and Denzil and Lisa Tallent for the wonderful refreshments and for greeting us at the door.

Greeters and Refreshments for Sunday 27 February:

Set Up: Gary and Patti Smith          Clean Up: David and Susan Rose

Thank you to Karen Campbell for a wonderful prayer.

February Birthdays
23  Ginny Walker
26 Ray Latchem
27 Jule Embrey

February Anniversaries:
26 Art and Karen Campbell

Derick Blankenship
Jessica Baggerman
Rachel Tallent


This week our speak will be Ken Tobler. “Good Friday it’s Important”
February is Let’s Help Keep the Lights on for Cookson Hills. Donation envelops are available.
28 February is for all the Panera lovers. Eat dinner and Panera and 71st and Lewis and tell the cashier you are there on behalf of Project Transformation and Panera will donate 10 percent of the proceed generated to Project Transformation. Any questions call Debbie Peterson 699-0124.
Dinners for 8: Groups and Group Leaders have been assigned. If anyone is still interested in joining contact Skip and Paula Scott.

Joys and Concerns
Bethany Willyard – For those who wish to send Bethany a get well card or letter of encouragement, here is the address:
Bethany Willyard
C/O Monarch
P. O. Box 1267
Muskogee, OK, 74402

Johnnie Romo – Johnny is moving into a place of his own. Congratulations to Johnnie for graduating from Redemption.
Nancy – Recovering from surgery. A meal schedule has been formed for Nancy for this week and next.

Have a great week and hope to see all on Sunday.
William Meyer

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Maranatha, January 10, 2010

“Without faith, nothing is possible; with it (faith), nothing is impossible”

Mary McLeod Bethune

Thank you for your acceptance of Meredith and me as your Presidents in 2010.  We are excited about the new year and the ability to work with magnificent people who are serving as other offices for our Class.

Earlier today, we had a large number of Class members who heard a lesson given by Reverend Ken Tobler; Ken will continue to “surprise, shock, and, perhaps, offend” us next week as he continues his teaching.  If you weren’t able to attend this week, we’ll be looking for you next week.

We recognized several members who are having birthdays in the next several days, including David Rose, Jim Seymour, and David Worthington. No anniversaries this week.

Refreshments and greetings were provided by Debbie and Neal Pascoe as well as Jennifer Hall.

Several concerns were raised for others, including Noel Copeland; a friend, Chuck, who lost his wife; Jim’s friend (Charlie Snow) who died, Charlie’s wife and daughter; Kim who lost her son.  The prayer was delivered by Shari Goodwin.

Announcements highlighted the Dinners (or, better named, “Meals”) for 8 (contact Pam Sherman for more information).  Pam also is planning a February social as a “Valentine’s Dinner” at Ti Amo on February 12th (again, contact Pam if you are interested).  Shari Goodwin solicited volunteers to participate in a Focus Group on the “church/denomination and HIV/AIDS”.  Contact Shari if you are interested in being a part of this Group.  Denny and Suzy Meredith-Orr reminded us that our next mission opportunity is January 27, helping at the Day Center for the Homeless.  Let Denny or Suzy know if you are willing to participate and have not yet signed up for this activity.

We had visitors this morning, Carol and Dave Grim, and Beth Lyons.  We encouraged them to return next week; look for them and welcome them!

If you have any Caranatha announcements or requests for help from our very giving class, contact either Karen Campbell or Barbara Meehan, or me.

You are welcome to get in touch with me at any time.  Use the E-mail, richard.wansley(at),* or call me on my cell phone, 918/520-8787.

By Later this month, we hope to announce the opening of a new Maranatha Class website/blog that will be a “one-stop” communication tool for the class. At that time, communicating needs, your thoughts, mission opportunities, and social events will all be possible through this site. Our thanks to Barbara Meehan for her dedicated work on this project.  Until that time, however, please use our individual E-mail addresses, and, of course, telephone numbers.

Have a terrific week!

Richard Wansley and Meredith Davison

*Note that you will need to type Richard’s email address into an email substituting “@” for “(at).” I have edited his email address so that he will not pick up additional spam from autobots that might be searching our posts. Also, for contact information, you can find our newest roster on the Class Member Page. -brm

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