Maranatha Newsletter

This week our speaker was Rev James Hunt from the Wesley Foundation at OSU. George and Rhonda Chastang visited along with Rev. Hunt’s wife, Hillary. Our snacks were provided by Angie Dale and Jim McCann and the Bundrens. Lynn Jesse brought our prayer.

Birthdays are being celebrated by Judy Harkin, Sarah Maldonado, and Susan Rose ( all on the 30th) and Paul Giessen on the 2.

On Sunday Feb 3, Scott Morgan will have our prayer and the Evans will bring guilty snacks and the Wansleys will have healthy treats.

Joys and Concerns

Cisco Maldonado is having surgery. Dave Shepard is planning a knee replacement and Kip Jones is hoping to get on the kidney transplant waiting list. Lynn asked for year long prayers for her grandson who will be traveling to Viet Nam.

Upcoming events:

The class social for February is the Super Bowl Party on Feb 3 at 4:00pm at the Solomon’s home. Please find the address in the class rooster.

Feb 5 is an auction item, Taco Lunch on the Mother Road. If you purchased this item, Jim Emerby has sent you emails.

Feb 8 we are volunteering at Tulsa Day Center

Feb 10 is the church wide Chili Cook-off. Our missions team has prepared two baskets for the auction.

March 25 – 29 is a Church wide mission to Port Arthur, Texas. If you are interested please talk to Bruce or Sharon Chucoski.

There is a Grief workshop begining Feb 6. This program is lead by professionals. Please sign up by calling the church.

Dr. Gary Peluso-Verdend is offering a 5 part series "Repent and Try Again: Church and Public Matters.In this series Dr. Peluso-Verdend will offer an interpretation of how Christianity has been an agent of polarization in the U.S.

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Cisco Maldonado Update

Great news! Cisco’s surgery went well yesterday and today he is out of the hospital.

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Update on Cisco Maldonado

On Sunday Cisco Maldonado was admitted to Saint Francis Hospital with a nose bleed that wouldn’t stop. Surgery was performed to stop the bleeding at that time but he will have to have another surgery on Thursday, January 31. Until that time he is able to have visitors and receive phone calls. He is in Room 6135. No visitors on Thursday. He would also appreciate our prayers.

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Super Bowl Party Start Time

Hello Maranatha Class members,

We had the wrong time for the Super Bowl kick off when we planned the party. The time of the Super Bowl party will be 5 PM at the Solomon‘s. Kick off is at 5:30 central time. We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion.

Your Maranatha Social Committee.

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Maranatha Class Newsletter

Our speaker on the 27th will be Rev. James Hunt, Campus Minister / Director of the Wesley Foundation at OSU. The title of his lesson is "Methodism; 300 years and Still Young."


Bill Tankersley (21), Martha Blevins (21), Thad Leonard (25), Wanda Williams (26) and Rob Morgan (26) have birthdays this week.

Thanks to Rosa Castellanos and the LeDoux’s for our snacks this week. Next week Angie Dale and Jim McCann are in charge of guilty snacks and Mary and Clark Bundren are providing the healthy snakes.

Scott Morgan will bring our prayer.

Joys and concerns include a great grandson for the Shermans. Debbie Jacoby is at Emerald Care Center. She is very weak but appreciates the cards please send them to:

Debby Jacoby

6615 S. Granite

Tulsa, OK 74136

Upcoming Events:

February 3 is the Soup and Chili Super Bowl Social at the Solomon’s

February 5 is the auction item "Taco Lunch"

February 8 we will be serving at Tulsa Day Center

February 10 is the Chili Cook Off and Auction to benefit Missions. We will be able to buy tickets before the event so we can vote for our favorite or to support our class members.

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Maranatha Newsletter January 13-19

This Sunday Dr Steve Campbell will continue his lesson, "The Life and Times of John Wesley". The first part was informative, putting the history of the Wesleys in a time line to explain what important events influenced their lives.

Class Announcements

Happy Birthday to Kristy Hays, Jimmy Berg and David Worthington.

Welcome to our guest, Pasty Hill.

Thanks to Susan Hamilton for our prayer. Next week Sarah Maldonaldo will lead us in prayer. Our hosts will be Rosa Castello and Ginny and Jerry LeDoux.

Remember our first social of the year is the Super Bowl Party on Feb 3.

Other upcoming events are the Senior Seekers gathering on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, along with yoga on Fridays and indoor walking on Tuesdays. Call the church for more details.

Dr. Gary Peluso-Verdend is presenting a 5-part series called "Repent and Try Again: The Church & Public Matters". This series will start February 5 at 6:30 pm. Again, please call the church for more details.

Joys and Concerns

Debbie Jacoby is doing well, but still in pain. She was scheduled to move to Emerald Skilled Nursing at 2425 S. Memorial on Thursday or Friday of this past week.

Keep Paula Scott in your prayers also. If you want to send a card, please send in care of:

Gretchen Tegeler

7107 S. Columbia Ave

Tulsa, OK 74136

Jimmy Berg fell and has 6 staples, but is doing fine and was at church today. He and Walter made a donation to Circle of Care in memory of their parents, who were married at BAUMC.

Hope to see everyone on Sunday!

Carol and Meredith

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Food Request for Family Meal for Skip’s Service

Maranatha will be providing a meal before the service for Skip Scott. My understanding is the service is Saturday January 12 at 2pm.

The meal will be at 12:30 on Saturday. The food needs to arrive by noon on Saturday, in the church kitchen. There will be 40-45 people partaking in the meal. We need: salad, vegetable and desserts 3-4 of each.

Please contact Martha Blevins 918.346.7182 or mmblevins to let me know what you will bring. Thank you so much for your help.


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Maranatha Newsletter

Rev. Sara Pugh Montgomery was with us this Sunday to offer a new way to think about Epiphany. We each received a word to use as a way to learn how to better follow Christ this year.

We will be hearing from Steve Campbell the next two weeks on January 13 and 20th.

Remember, you can always find audio recordings of our previous lessons at . They’re great to listen to, especially if you have a 20-25 drive!


Happy Birthday to Gary Smith (8th), Ken Privett (10th) and David Rose (12th).

Welcome to our guest, Karen Gillis-Tinlin!

Thanks to Jimmie Berg for our prayer last Sunday. Susan Hamilton will lead us in prayer this Sunday, and Melanie and Dave Shepard and Nancy Manduano will be our hosts.

David Grim, the new Class President expressed his appreciation to Jim McCann and Scott Gardner for serving as auctioneers at the Christmas Party, raising over $27,000. He thanked Richard Wansley for providing a report on our 2018 mission work before the auction began. Additionally, he thanked Roger and Rick Evans for doing such a great job as President last year.


These mission projects have been set for 2019 so far – please put them on your calendar:

February 8 – Serve dinner at the Day Center for the Homeless

February 10 – Work Area on Missions’ Chili Cookoff – Contact Ed Payton to volunteer.

July 28 – Serve dinner at Redemption Church

October 11 – Serve dinner at the Day Center for the Homeless

November 24 – Serve dinner at Redemption Church

Our apartment at Exodus House has been vacated by Amber following her marriage over the holidays. Sharon Earley announced that she left it very clean (Thank you, Amber!). We will be needing only a few consumable items for our new occupant who will arrive in February. The only “big” thing we need is a vacuum cleaner. Let Sharon know if you want to donate one.



Former class member, Skip Scott, passed away last night around 8:45 pm due to complications of his heart attack on Dec. 31st. He was surrounded by family members and close friends at time of death. Please keep Paula, daughter Gretchen and son Matt in your prayers. Funeral arrangements will be forthcoming.

Debbie Jacoby will have surgery on January 11 to remove two large sections of her colon. She will be in St. John Med Center for up to 6 days, then the recovery will take 6-8 weeks. Once she is sufficiently recovered, doctors will go back in to repair a hernia in the same place, then that recovery will take another 6-8 weeks. Her doctors think that extreme stress caused her Crohn’s disease to flare up and cause her colon problems, and say she must have the surgery in order to live.

Debbie moved to Montereau this past week. She doesn’t need any help at this time, but may welcome food during her recovery after the second surgery. Cards, calls and prayers are appreciated. She is scheduled to surgery at St. John’s on January 11. Following 5-6 weeks of recovery from this surgery, she will have a second surgery. Her new address is Debbie Jacoby, 6615 S. Granite Avenue, Tulsa 74136.

Jimmy Berg fell at home and needed stitches. He is at home recovering.


Pam Sherman announced that her son’s new restaurant was featured in the Oklahoma magazine. She also mentioned that Michael Caballero’s daughter had her baby on January 1.

Gabriel Blankenship has a new granddaughter in Kansas City.

Sharon Chucoski announced that her father was doing well at the health center at Oklahoma Methodist Manor.


The 2019 class party dates are:

February 3, 2019 – Super Bowl Party

April 6, 2019 – Progressive Dinner

June 14, 2019 – Potluck Dinner & Trivia Event

August 16, 2019 – Hamburgers & Hot Dogs in the B.A. Diner & a movie in the B.A. Theater

November 8, 2019 – Pizza Dinner & Bunco

May 2019 be your best year yet – filled with God’s blessings. See you Sunday!

– Meredith and Carol

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Skip Scott

Former class member, Skip Scott, passed away last night around 8:45 pm due to complications of his heart attack on Dec. 31st. He was surrounded by family members and close friends at time of death. Please keep Paula, daughter Gretchen and son Matt in your prayers. Funeral arrangements will be forthcoming.

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Amber’s Graduation

On Tuesday, January 8th, Amber (Young) Harris is graduating from Exodus House. There will be a Graduation Ceremony Tuesday evening in the Sanctuary of Redemption Church at 6:30 pm. A dinner will follow. All Maranatha members are invited. Please come and show our support for Amber.

David Grim

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