Family Promise – Sharon’s Details

Dear fellow Maranatha classmates,

I now know the details for the outing at the Tulsa Zoo with the Family Promise Families on Saturday, June 8.

It will be from 10-2:00 p.m. Two people are needed at the church at 9:30 a.m., one to drive the van and one to ride along. You do NOT need a CDL license to drive the 15 person Family Promise van. Others can meet at the Zoo or meet at the church and follow the van. The Church will pay for the entrance fee to the zoo and lunch there at the zoo. And, if there are two people who would be willing to hang at the church after we come back from the zoo, Sara believes it will be some quiet family time in their rooms.

Please prayerfully consider helping out with this amazing local mission for families right here in Tulsa.

Yours in Christ,
Sharon and Bruce Chucoski

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Maranatha Newsletter – June 2-8

Today we were honored to have Rabbi Michael Weinstein teach our Sunday School class on the topic, "ASK THE RABBI". He answered many interesting questions about the Jewish faith. Since we shared the class with several other classes, we did not have our usual announcements and Joys/Concerns. Three handouts that Rabbi Weinstein handed out this morning are attached but he didn’t have enough for the large number of people in attendance.

If anyone has anything that needs to be shared with the class this week, please let us know and we will share it with the class. Otherwise, we will catch up with one another next week.

Have a wonderful week!
Meredith and Carol




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Family Promise Zoo Outing

Class… see Sharon’s email below.



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Family Promise Zoo Outing

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June 2nd Maranatha Class ” Ask the Rabbi”

This is a reminder that our class will meet in Community Hall this coming Sunday, Please send any questions for Rabbi Weinstein to Pam or Sharon. Snacks will be set up in Community Hall.

See you Sunday,


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26 May, 2019 19:46

My apologies, but I just realized I had a typo on the first email. Melanie Linsky is having a birthday on June 1, not "Elanie Linsky"!

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26 May, 2019 19:20

Sorry, but I forgot to mention that next Sunday Rabbi Weinstein will be teaching our class. We will meet in the hall next to the kitchen with another Sunday School class. If you have any questions for the rabbi, please send them to Pam Sherman. Other upcoming speakers are: June 9 – Christi Luks
June 16 – Class Led Discussion
June 23 – Mike Brose
June 30 – Mark Swiney

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26 May, 2019 17:15

Rev. Clifford Webster taught the class today on the subject of "A Complete Picture of Jesus". Belief in Jesus involves both a belief that he loves us and a belief that he has the Power. With this belief in Jesus, we will have the substance that allows us to live in faith.

Class Announcements

Happy Birthday this week Bethany Willyard and Michael Dishman on May 27th and Elanie Linsky on June 1st. Anniversary wishes to both Lynn and Bob Russell and Diane and Gene Martin on May 27th.

Thanks to Sharon Chucoski for our prayer. Next week Shari Goodwin will have our prayer. Snacks were provided by Pam and Deary Low and Michael Lane. Next week Sam and Sarah Smith and Rosa Castellanos will bring the snacks.

Our next class social, a Trivia Fun and Pot-Luck Dinner, will be held on June 14th at 6:00 pm. You can sign up at church next Sunday.

Other upcoming events include:

Joys and Concerns

Kramer Luks is having retina surgery this week. Otherwise, several class members announced joys, primarily related to children graduating from high school and college, getting jobs, and getting married. Unfortunately, I did not get all the details.

Carol and Meredith

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May 19th

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Maranatha Newsletter May 12-18

This week’s news

Rev. Dr. Lisa Davison led an informative and interesting lesson about how the Hebrew Scriptures came to be considered the canon. Next Sunday Rev. Keith

McArtor will be teaching our class.

Anniversary: Debra and Scott Morgan (18)

Prayer: Lynn Jesse

Snacks: Recks (Guilty) and Glenna Arnot (Healthy)

Next Sunday May 19

Prayer: John Sherman

Guilty snack and setup: Susan Hamilton

Healthy snack and clean up: Karen Tankersley


  • Pam Sherman offered the class cuttings from her Friendship plant
  • Family Promise will be hosted by our church again starting on June 8. A sign-up sheet was shared for those who want to help.
  • The Maranatha Mission trip to Port Arthur, TX is scheduled for October 7-11, 2019. The Vernon AME Church is partnering with us and will be sending volunteers. Pastor Robert Turner is very excited about working with us. It should be a great spiritual experience for all of us.
  • The next class social will be on June 14, a Potluck Dinner and Trivia Night
  • The Seistema Tulsa Concert was held on Monday, May 13 at the TCC Performing Arts Center

We hope to see all of you next Sunday!

Meredith and Carol

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