Sunday 12 June 2011

Thank you to James Kilman for a wonderful lesson
Patience…Perseverance …Perfection. I really enjoyed watching
people assemble the Mosaic.
Thank you to Karen Campbell for a wonderful prayer.
Thank you to those who Greeted and Refreshed us:
Dave and Carol Grim
Eric and Beth Green

Sandra Claire
Jeannie Romo

June Birthdays:
12th Julie Allen
12th Debbie Pascoe
14th Denny Meredith-Orr
18th Denise Klein

June Anniversaries:
16th Paul and Mary Staat

Our Speaker for Sunday June 19 and Sunday June 26 is Judy Rowell –
Conquering Fear

Greeters and Refreshments for Sunday 19 June:
Set up: Gary and Pattie Smith
Clean up: John and Pam Sherman

Fathers Day – Sunday 19 June

For those wanting to see Evita (18 June to 9 July) as a class, Please
contact Pam Sherman by 15 June.

The class has voted to post a full page ad in Broadway at Boston
Avenues White Christmas.

Joys and Concerns:
Shannon – Fiance passed away
Jane – Cancer
John and Pam Sherman – Weight lose
Paul and Barbara Loyd – Traveling
Kirk and Michelle Place – Kirk’s Mother passed away
Jennifer – Cancer
Sharon Bookout – Sharon has been assigned to another school
TPS Teachers and Students
Bethany Willyard

Have a great week. I hope to see all on Sunday

William Meyer

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BABA Ushers Needed!

I could sure use some Maranatha ushers for BABA next weekend (July 29, 30, and 31). Ushers would need to be outside of Community Hall by 6:20 on the 29th and 30th and by 1:50 on the 31st. Need 5 per day. Can stay and watch the show if they would like (free!). E-mail me at ssmorg or call/text me at 261-5377.


Suzy Morgan

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Maranatha, July 18, 2010

“Most folks are about as happy as they
make up their minds to be.”
Abraham Lincoln

A great class on Sunday, with a good number of members in attendance. David Carpenter lead us on the second in his series of Maranatha Disciple Bible Study. The lesson pertained to Matthew 5: 21-48. Next Sunday, David will be teaching once again, and I will forward the Bible verse for your reading prior to the class. Remember, BRING YOUR BIBLE! It will enhance your experience in this Maranatha Study course.

We acknowledged several birthdays, including those of Nancy Christy (7/18), Steve Jacoby (7/18), Mark Butterworth (7/20), and Lydia Jackson (7/2), as well as the anniversaries of Carol and Mickey Maus (7/19) and Beverly and Mark North (7/20). Party till you drop; just remember to get back up!!

Mary and Randy Elliott and Charlotte and Roger Rowe provided tasty treats for all us. Personally, I had one too many Crispy Cremes; I should have had a healthy bagel instead! It’s nice to have options. Thanks Mary, Randy, Charlotte and Roger.

Next week, our Greeters who will also bring snacks are Angie Dale and Jim McCann (Cleanup and Guilty Snacks) and Rex and Allene Donley (Setup and Healthy Snacks).

Visitors on Sunday were Rebecca Allen, Alexis Brownlee, and returning for the second time, Jim and Ginger Smryl. Bring guests next Sunday; we love visitors!

Several important announcements were reported by members, including that the July social is group attendance to the BABA performance on July 30th. The group membership is set but if you’re interested and haven’t signed up, then contact Pam Sherman. Paula Scott let us know that the Cans & Karoke Party will be held on August 28th. If you bought tickets to this event, contact Paula for details. Suzy Meredith-Orr informed us that we will be serving food at the Day Center for the Homeless on Friday evening, August 13th. More details from Suzy later, but let her know if you’re interested in attending this mission opportunity.

David Rose celebrated the joy of being one year past his quadrupal bypass surgery; great news! Paul Staat is having surgery and there was request for prayers. The Low’s neighbor had a serious accident and suffered brain trauma. Jerry Jessee, Lynn Russell’s stepdaughter’s father, has advanced cancer. There was mention of the continuing treatment of a boy with a brain tumor, and the death of a child. Today, I was notified that Jim Seymore’s mother is dying from lung cancer, and has moved to hospice care. Your prayers are requested for all these mentioned in class and others who are need of our Christian concerns even though they may not have been mentioned aloud on Sunday.

On Sunday, Michelle Place led us in prayer following the sharing of Joys and Concerns. If I missed any announcements, feel free to let me know and I will pass the information along to other members.

We’re fortunate have each other as classmates! Have a great week.

Richard Wansley

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Maranatha, July 11, 2010

“It’s not length of life, but depth of life.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

We had a great group of people in class on Sunday;if you weren’t able to be there, then we hope to see you next Sunday. We celebrated the birthdays of Frieda Reck (7/11), Linda Reid (7/11), Darlene Lorenz (7/16), Terry Michael (7/17), and Nikki Smith (7/17) as well one anniversary this week, Judith and Ed Payton (7/17). Enjoy!

Our greeters who brought tasty refreshments were Ray and Sharon Earley, Ed and Judith Payton. Next week, the greeters will be Mary and Randy Elliott (set up and guilty snacks) and Charlotte and Roger Rowe (clean up and healthy snacks).

Announcements: the Class social for July is group attendance to a BABA performance, Friday evening, July 30th, 7pm. Contact Pam Sherman for ticket information. The Rose’s daughter is availabe for house-sitting this Summer; contact them if you need this service.

One concern is that Susan Rose needs new employment; she has worked as an office manager. Contact Susan if you have any leads on jobs or need additional infomation. If there are others in the class looking for employment, let me know if you wish me to publish your inquiries to the rest of the class.

James Kilmer led us in a well prepared prayer for the morning.

David Carpenter was our lesson leader, the first of 8 weeks of a mini-Disciples Bible Study. He will teach for three more Sundays, then we’ll return to regular lessons for 4 Sundays, followed by 4 additional weeks with David. It was a good start to the series, and your appreciation for his teaching will be enhanced by you bringing your Bible to class. Our scripture for the next week is Matthew 5:21-48.

See you Sunday!

Richard Wansley

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Maranatha, July 4, 2010

“The goodness you live will set you free.”
Desmond TuTu and Mpho Tutu

Sunday, the “4th of July/Independence Day”, we had a delicious brunch at Maranatha, with a large number of members in attendance and a few visitors. If you were away this week, we hope to see you next week!

In between bites, we celebrated birthdays and anniversaries coming up this week: one birthday, Patty Banes (7/8) and anniversaries, Jim and Sherry Stinson (7/7), Patrick and Mary Bones (7/8), Dave and Carol Grim (7/8), Gary and Patti Smith (7/9). Enjoy your special day!!

Prayers were requested for Susan Lewis and her daughter; her daughter lost a baby this last week. Lucy Batson will have surgery this week. Good news: Carol Maus is improving from her injuries, and the Wansley’s son has found employment.

Mark you calendar: the Maranatha Christmas Party will be held on Friday, December 10th, Tulsa Country Club. Pam Sherman let us know that we have made the reservation for the space on that date.

The July social will be attending the BABA performance on Friday, the 30th. Pam has reserved 20 tickets for those interested in attending and sitting together. Contact Pam if you want tickets.

Beginning July 11, David Carpenter, who teaches Disciple’s Study in the Church, will be our leader in a series that he refers to as “Disciple Bible: Introduction to New Testament Lite.” David will lead us for 8 weeks (in 4 week blocks), July 11th, 18th, 25th, and August 1st, then he will take a break for several weeks, leading us again for 4 Sundays in September. Invite guests to join Maranatha for this series of presentations.

See you on Sunday!

Richard Wansley and Meredith Davison, Presidents

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Maranatha, June 27, 2010

“Today you are you, that is truer than true.
There is no one alive who is youer than you.”
Dr. Suess

We had a large class today; it was terrific! We celebrated several birthdays: Roger Rowe (6/29), Sue Madden (7/1), and Charlie Ninde (7/3), and some anniversaries: Lynn and Shari Goodwin (6/28) and Alan and Jane Smith (6/30). Happy Birthdays and Anniversaries!

Our greeters who also brought refreshments were Bob and Lynn Russell, and David and Brenda Worthington. Thanks!

We have a number of visitors this morning: Judith Shumway, Tom Walton, Alyce & Larry Meredith, and Rebecca Allen. You’re invited to return any time; thanks for visiting!

SAVE THE DATE: August 20, 2010 – The Maranatha 30th “Pearls” Anniversary Party. We will have a social hour and dinner at the Church, and share memories. Also, there is discussion of having a mission opportunity during the weekend. We want all members and alums to be at this celebration!

In July, the social event will be group attendance to BABA. Pam Sherman will provide details next Sunday.

Brenda Miller is collecting books for the Day Center and Meredith Davison is gathering unused soaps, coffees, and so forth collected by you from your stays at hotels.

Several joys and concerns were expressed. Mickey Maus reported that Carol is improving from her accident a couple of weeks ago. Sharon Bookout shared concerns for change in having a new principal at her school. Jim Embrey successfully completed his “war games” assignment. There were several people ask for thoughts and prayers for others who were without employment, as well as though new graduates who will be seeking employment in a difficult economy.

Our prayer was offered by Kendall Carpenter. Nicely done, Kendall; thanks. Reverend Bill Crowell completed his 4-part presentation on interesting, often overlooked Christians in our history who have made a difference to today’s modern world.

Next Sunday, the 4th of July, will be a BRUNCH SUNDAY. Please bring a dish to share with others. We are also looking for a volunteer to share a “freedom-themed” devotion. If you are interested in doing so, please let me know by Tuesday.

Don’t forget, next week is a BRUNCH SUNDAY! Hope to see all of you and your visiting family and friends at Maranatha!

Richard Wansley

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Maranatha, June 13, 2010

Sunday was a great time with wonderful fellowship, great speaker and good food. It was good to see friends we hadn’t seen for a long time and to welcome several new friends and visitors. Our visitors included Vickie Petree, Aaron Stuart and Susan Hendrex.
We had a lot of announcements including: Social on June 26 to Stone bluff. Meet at 9:45 in the church south parking lot.
Sharon Earley updated us on funds given to Project Transformation and asked the class for an additional donation of $200.00. It was voted and approved. She also asked for funds to place the Class Ad in the BABA Program which was approved.
Beverly North also needs volunteers to help feed us every Sunday morning. This Sunday we were treated to a wonderful treats by Keith and Sue Madden and Debra and Scott Morgan. Thanks so much to each of you.
We also heard from Carolyn Evans about Methodist Manors expansion. There will be a special program at Methodist Manor on June 26 at 2:00-3:00 pm. Call for reservations at 346-6663.
Our birthdays this week are Denny Meredith-Orr on 6/14 and Denise Klein on 6/18. Happy Birthday to both of you. There were no anniversaries this week.
Our joys and concerns were many: Rob and Andrea Davis have a new grandson: Art and Karen Campbell are sending Katie off to college and are being blessed with 2 new grandchildren: Frieda Reck is having surgery this week: Beverly North’s niece needs prayers: John Sherman’s cousin and Martha Blevins friend Vicki Shields have cancer and need our prayers. Please remember to hold these special persons in your prayers this week. Our class prayer was so beautifully given by Mary Elliot.
Our speaker was Bill Crowell and he was wonderful and will return with us next week. We will look forward to seeing each of you then and the safe return of Richard and Meredith.
God’s blessings to each of you.

Bob and Lynn

P.S. So many of you wanted Sue’s recipe for the granola dish, here it is:
Fruit Granola (Sue Madden served in Sunday School, 6/13/10)
Box of low fat granola large carton (about 16 oz) of Vanilla Yogurt
8 oz of Whipped Cream Cheese
1 table spoon of Splenda
Strawberries, Blueberries and Blackberries (other fruit would be equally as good)
Place granola on bottom of casserole dish. Combine Yogurt, Cream Cheese and Splenda and spread on top of the Granola. Evenly spread the fruit on top.
Note: I have saved a little granola and placed on top of the fruit. I have also added nuts to the top layer.

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